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What is LumoPad?

LumoPad is an invention that, like a glowing etch-a-sketch, lets you draw with light. More specifically, it is a drawing board covered in a special phosphorescent material which glows for some time after being exposed to light. The LumoPad was successfully funded on Kickstarter which enabled it to become a reality. 


A Unique Drawing Experience

On the LumoPad, instead of using traditional drawing utensils like markers, brushes and pencils, you actually use light from an LED (or almost any other light emitting device) to make your thoughts come to life. This enables the user to have a very unique drawing experience, experiencing the endless unique effects of drawing with photons, like shading, using shadows, light gradients, and much more.


Endless Possibilities

Because the LumoPad drawings fade away but can still be faintly seen for a while, LumoPad is ideal for stop motion animation. The faded image lets you see exactly what your last frame's picture was, letting you trace it and only change the one part of the image you want to move. We held some trial runs with this, and stop motion animators claimed it was the perfect stop motion tool for amateurs, because of its simplicity and versatility in the field.